Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bunnys and books

The view from my porch is nice this time of year, it's a great place to have a morning coffee, or an evening cocktail. This porch was an addition to our house 6 years ago. If we had known how enjoyable it is, we would have made it larger. It is usable in all but the coldest months.

Thia morning a rabbit came to share breakfast with me. Dave had thrown a small loaf of bread out for the birds, but this bunny seemed happy to have it.
Later in the morning, a huge crow flew off with the whole chunk of bread!

The bunny got me thinking about a favorite book of mine, Watership Down by Richard Adams. I want to start reading it to Emili soon,,,,,,,, I love this book on all levels... If you haven't read is a synopsis.... Don't read the entire article..... it will ruin the plot .

Click on this link to see a glossary of rabbit language from the book.... My bunny seems to think bread is Flayrah!!

Here is a book quiz,,,,,,,,see what it says about you! It's fun!

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Lynda said...

I swiped your book quiz and it was a big hit on String Alongs! Thanks for the fun-everyone seems to like quizzes don't they?
Did you mean the pin was made out of poop? Did I get that right?