Sunday, June 17, 2007

On Father's Day

According to Ghen, there is a Japanese saying about children becoming like their parents.....I think it must actually translate to something like this........"a tadpole is still a frog"..... but Ghen translated it and said "A frog's child is still a frog". Dave uses this phrase often when one of the kids does or says something that reminds him of me... Either good or bad. They may not look like me, as a tadpole does not look like a frog,, but the behavior is in the DNA.

Today, I am writing about the earlier generation. Me and my Papa frog. It is really amazing how much we are alike! Except for gender, we look alike. One night about five years into our marriage, Dave said to me "You know, you have your father's legs." Not exactly romantic, or even complimentary, but oh so true. My Pops has short, strong legs. Me too. We both have blue eyes, and fair skin.

The similarities go way beyond appearance and are too many to number here. We like the same foods, neither of us likes to travel, he loves to tell stories, and lots more.

I am so proud to be like my Pops ! He is just the best guy! Most little girls think their Dad is the most handsome, strongest, bravest man in the world. I STILL THINK THAT!! Pops will be 82 years old this year, and I still believe he is the finest man I have ever known. Really. He has never let me down,,, and that should be the gold standard for all fathers. You should see how devoted he is to my mother, more men should be like that. Can you tell how much I love him?

What's odd about this is.... My Pops lost his own father when he was just a very little boy. Sure, he had a step-father and his Grandpa, but how did he become such a great Dad without an example to follow?? A frog's child is still a frog, I guess it's true......


Lynda said...

I think the American equivilant is "the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree". I have always felt that I am very different from my parents. Certainly philsophically, I am miles away from them. I know it ticks my mom off when I won't be a flag waver with her. I just don't get it! But My father loved animals and we sometimes complained that he loved the dogs more than us girls! He wasn't a stupid man but he had no education and that left him at a disadvantage. Seems a shame.
That is the one thing I got from college, I learned how to learn!

Anonymous said...

Loved your tribute to was perfect.
It was funny what you said about the legs...because I think mine at the bottom are like Mom's and Nana's!!

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