Friday, June 22, 2007

Domestic Friday

I love this kind of day, it's sunny and cool.....and breezy enough

that the laundry dried in no time! I am so happy to be at home today, and grateful that I have Betty working for me.........

Feeling very domestic, Dave and I made six jars of strawberry jamWe picked strawberries earlier this week and we had just too many to eat fresh......what a terrible problem to have,,,,,,too many fresh strawberries on your hands!

Then Dave harvested the first spinach from the garden, while I made some hot bacon dressing to go with the greens.. tastes of summer............mmmm.

While picking the spinach , Dave found the first cucumber,,,,,,,remember, this is is usually not safe to plant until after memorial day for fear of frost... June 22 is early for a cucumber to be ready! We each ate half.

Poor Betty is at the shop and we got a HUGE shipment of new yarn in today! Am I feeling guilty? Maybe a little,,,,,,,, Perhaps I should take her a jar of strawberry jam, although I suspect she might like a strawberry margarita more!

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