Monday, June 11, 2007

Green, green grass of home

As of late, I am finding a great deal of pleasure in simple things, in and around my home. The grass is so green, we had a lot of rain last week and so everything is lush and verdant.
I love to cut the lawn, of course, I use the riding lawn mower, so it is easy, not physically taxing.
Using the rider, it takes about to hours to mow the "kingdom". This is two hours of thinking time for me. The mower is loud, drowning out all other noise, so I have no interruptions, no distractions, it is a good time to concentrate on a problem,, and find a possible solution,,,,Sometimes, the reverse happens, I let my mind wander aimlessly, and often creative ideas will just pop in there! Nature abhors a vacuum, you know!

One of the ideas that I am messing around with is mixing dyed mohair locks in with my scrumbling. The yellow green of the mohair is kinda startling, but I think I can work it in, in small amounts.... Any opinions?

1 comment:

Lynda said...

I think that the color is wonderful with the other greens.
You have a very good eye for color. The scrumbling so far looks very much like coral under the sea, to me...