Thursday, July 31, 2008

CSA update

Today, I picked up our first box of veggies from Good Earth Farm, near Oakfield.
The short drive to the farm was quite scenic. Country roads that I have never been on wound up and down rolling hills. Lots of wildflowers were blooming on the roadsides. Queen Anne's lace and chicory and tiger lilies, to name a few. And sheep! I saw a flock of sheep in a pasture.
When I got to the farm I was greeted by a yellow lab and a black lab, both very wet. They had been swimming in a pond just down the hill from the barn, along with Nicole (who grows the veggies) and her children. An absolutely idyllic setting!
The box of produce included:
Onions, green, yellow and purple beans, zucchini, summer squash, carrots, parsley, green and purple kohlrabi, garlic, lettuce, Swiss chard, and lets see........oh yeah, green peppers.

This was my supper, looks good and it tasted even better.