Wednesday, July 23, 2008

all good stuff!

I spent some time with my mother today, she has been ill. Very ill. She has been dealing with Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome and all it's related troubles. And a cracked pelvis. She was bedridden for weeks. In and out of the hospital.

Today, I can say she is definitely getting better!... She is walking again, and taking an interest in the world. I did a few household tasks, and after the chores were finished, and the laundry hung out, we sat out on the porch and watched the lovely, summer day progress.

I walked to the their garden and picked some green beans for my Mom, and the first two red tomatoes. Granted, they were the little cherry tomatoes, but they were ripe. My parents garden looks fabulous, all the rain earlier this summer must be the cause.

I picked some Swiss chard and a summer squash to take home. They looked so pretty while cooking, I just had to take a photo.
Those first fresh vegetables certainly taste good, don't they?
Dave and I have decided to join a CSA this year, CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It means we are trying to eat locally and seasonally. Making a smaller carbon footprint and all that. We have purchased a "peak season share", which starts next week. Each week we will get a box of fresh produce from a local farm. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


Lotzastitches said...

Your the second person this week that has mentioned CSA. Sounds interesting! I'm going to have to get more details...especially since all I'm good at growing is weeds!

D. said...

Swiss chard, we had sooooo much last year, I gave away bags of it, this year only one plant to cherish and carefully remove only outer leaves. Last yr I dehydrated lots of the leaves and used it all winter to add to soups/stews and stir fries. Love the stuff but few have heard of it around here.

Love the studio to.