Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Studio, sort of

After 14 years of marriage, we recently have become "empty nesters". 14 years ago, our nest was a 1100 square foot ranch constructed in the early 1970's. The birds in the nest included my husband, twin daughters, a son and a cat. And me.
One bathroom. Three relatively small bedrooms... Over the 14 years, various birds flew, some came back, only to leave again, & we welcomed a nephew into our nest. And we added a family room. Still a small house.

I have always had a space in the basement for sewing. But now that the nest is empty, I have taken over what used be my son's room as A STUDIO, la de dah!

Here is one corner, with a shelf that is almost ceiling height.
Another corner

This is a chicken coop, it now holds felted sweaters. In it's earlier years with me it served as a coffee table.... without any chickens,of course.
Above the chicken coop is a tapa cloth that I bought on our last trip to Maui.

This is a view of the room that says it all.
This room serves as a studio for a woman who likes sheep and wool, sews occasionally, shrinks sweaters frequently, and collects a lot of junk.
Please note.... the carpet is original 1970's shag!! So old and nasty, I decided to keep it, I need not use dropclothes when painting or dying....


Lynda said...

Oh to have a space to leave things out...the sewing machine or what ever you are working on. And to not be relegated to the basement any more. It must feel wonderful.
Now I can even SEE your workspace!

Anonymous said...


Lotzastitches said...

Very nice studio!