Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A tale of woe

Once upon a time,,,,,,,,,,,,way back n March of 1990, there lived a woman and her three children in a little house, in a little town, on the banks of a little stream. They lived happily. Then it rained, and rained and rained some more. The little town flooded. The little house flooded. The woman was left with mud and sewage everywhere, a torn up yard, and frightful memories of it all.
Did the woman move out of the little house? No.... the town officials assured her it was a "hundred year" flood, made larger culverts and better drainage systems......The memories lingered.

Fast forward 17 years....... the house is now inhabited by the woman and her husband, and sometimes a nephew. The stream is still here to see how the creek looks most of the time......

This is how it looks today, after many rainy days , half an inch of rain this afternoon, an inch last night, and 5 inches over the weekend.

The creek is still well within it's banks, but the memories of flooding are still there.

The rain makes my pulse increase, as the water rises.

I cannot imagine how horrible the people in western Wisconsin who are flooded out of their homes must be feeling..........Oh, wait......yes, I can.


Lynda said...

Oh sweetie, where is your Rescue Remedy? Use it and try to relax. And another thing, you were able to survive something that terrible the first time so you know you are strong enough to survive if it ever happened again!
Hope that is clear...
love you,

KnittinDeb said...

Well, I hope your yarn shop has not floated away. I plan to come by sometime when I am traveling south.... I live in Appleton and just think Mayville is the cutest little town, one you drive thru and say... I could live here.

Anonymous said...

what is your rescue remedy... Lynda ! I hope I do not have to bust you at knit night.. ha ha