Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do you want egg roll with that?

One of my children recently reminded me that I have not made egg rolls in a long time.... I thought about it, and it has been at least six years since I made them.... ( in my former life, I cooked a lot).

I will make egg rolls only in then summer, because I don't like to fry anything inside the house... Too much grease,, and the lingering smell..... yuck...

So yesterday we made egg rolls as a group. One husband, one daughter, one granddaughter and me. We all took a task. chopping , wrapping , frying, etc.

Dave did the frying,, there is something about cooking outside, men seem to think it is their domain. Check out the fryer,,, circa 1975 again.. fry baby, fry daddy, this is a fry granpappy,,,,, just like with the hairdryers, Dave was in his comfort zone, except he owns only one fryer..

I was happy to let him fry. ....Then the strangeness began, as I sat in my chair and watched.

It has rained so much lately, the ground is squishy-soft, as I sat and watched the frying, my chair sank lower and lower into the earth....... kinda weird. At first I thought I was imagining sinking down until I could barely get out of the was so low.

Oh, and at some point Emili said "Grandma, I just saw a bee fly into your pants." I thought she was teasing me until I felt the darn thing sting me ........ right on the knee! I got up quickly that time!

NO, I was not drinking!

The end results of all this activity were yummy... consumed by all of the cooks and my sister and a nephew. An impromptu party,,, the best kind.

Postscript: Look closely at the photo of Dave,,, It appears he can fry egg rolls while standing on one leg!


Anonymous said...

Egg Roll making was so fun. Emili had a great time and laughed about the bee thing this morning!! Deep fried vegetables...what could be more healthy than that!!!


Lynda said...

It does look like you folks had fun. But I gotta ask-how did Dave fry standing up with only one leg!!
The guy is good! tee hee~~