Friday, August 3, 2007

Retrospective, Day 4

At some time or another, we all have the thought..........."if there was a fire.......and all the living beings were safe,,,,what would you save?" Today's retrospective focus is on one of the objects on my list.........

As a knitter, spinner, fiber artist, I have a fondness for "sheep themed" things... As my collection grew, I noticed a lot of religious items are decorated with lambs and sheep. The whole "The Lord is my Shepherd" deal. The walls of my bedroom seemed a nice place for them. Kinda comforting,,,, Anyway, here is today's bit of creativity, hanging crookedly above our bedroom door.

Dave made this when he was a boy,, I tried to pin him down to a year,,,,,,but he just said it was sometime in grade school. 1955-1963 It is wood, with the natural grain as the hillside, and the letters and figures burned in with a wood burning tool. The border is painted.

I doubt that he suspected his future wife would be fiber, wool, and sheep obsessed.
I love it!

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Lynda said...

What a lovely thing! Really nice work. Does Dave never think of wood working anymore? Maybe when he retires??