Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Valentine Woolie

While watching Jane Eyre on PBS last night, I did some stitching on a scarf made from reclaimed wool sweaters. Jane Eyre was so good, but it is.............TO BE CONTINUED.........next Sunday and Monday! I am sure to forget to watch...but, that's okay, I do know how it comes out. :)
This scarf was fun, but I would make some chances with the next one. I lined this one with very thin gray wool..... I think in the future I would butt the seams together, making lining unnecessary. More color next time, too.
This valentine woolie is for sale, where else? ( Is there anywhere else?) LOOSE ENDS!

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Lacelibrarian said...

Did Rochester really think he could marry ANYONE when the whole town knows he has a wife in the attic? I could never suspend disbelief about that one!
Also, if you like the characters, did you ever read the Wide Sargasso Sea? It is a prequel to Jane Eyre and in my opinion much better! It is by Jean Rhys if you are interested.
Love your new scarf...