Friday, January 26, 2007

Emili and her Bear

I spent the afternoon with Emili making a teddy bear, Emili did the designing, all the stuffing, some of the cutting, and cleaned up the mess. I did the sewing. Emmi has named her creation Christina. I am not ashamed to admit my infatuation with my granddaughter... and now that she is showing an interest in things like sewing and crafts,,,,,,,,well, I couldn't be more thrilled. My daughters do not share my passion for crafting, and maybe,now,,,all my unused stash will not end up at Goodwill., or worse, out on the corner for the garbage truck.

Amazing Alison is in one of the pictures with Christina, she is a doll that Emmi got for Christmas, but she freaks me out a little! Alison talks and her face moves in a way too realistic manner. The bear is much more to my taste.

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Anonymous said...

hey Emili....nanna says hi...