Monday, January 29, 2007

January Blues

I have a love/hate relationship with January. The holiday rush is over. My birthday is this month. I can get some projects off the ground. It's usually cold and clear, nice weather for indoor stuff., like knitting. Unfortunately, some of that other "indoor stuff" includes bookkeeping and the dreaded TAXES!This photo shows some of my wonderful organizational skills in use, I use that term very loosely. My morning was consumed by nasty, confusing paperwork! Every year I promise myself (and others) that I will get more organized, I set up systems to help myself, and I just don't use them. Maybe I secretly love chaos.

More "indoor stuff" that January brings ; sniffles, fevers, coughs, body aches, etc. Dave and I spent the day yesterday just resting, trying to fight off another round of the upper respiratory crud.. Here are some of the weapons we are using, but I'm afraid it is a losing battle. I have a fever today. Even Ghen is feeling it. He never gets sick.


Lacelibrarian said...

Oh my dear, I wish you would feel better very quickly! I always take a lot of Vit. C and Zinc. I think it shortens the duration of the CRUD! Hope to hear from you very soon-get plenty of rest.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can read this comment ....and that it doesn't turn into strange Japanese symbols...I'll give it a try...MB