Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness, or as I call it "one thing leads to another"..all connected in my little brain:

I heard a snippet of a song and it stuck...I like the song, but it is much better played by an orchestra than by my brain. The song is In the Hall of the Mountain King. Yes,yes, you know this song, listen.....
I like the build up to the frenzied ending....I have almost no knowledge of Edward Grieg, the composer of this great piece of music, or of Peer Gynt, the play. But..this song brings a feeling of adventure and fantasy and playful danger. (Playful danger- an oxymoron?) The title "in the hall of the mountain king" brings to my mind fables of kings, beanstalks, trolls......OH, Trolls!

A few weeks ago we took a weekend trip to southern Wisconsin and we drove past a sign that said Mt. Horeb, Troll Capitol of the World. Imagine my delight! I love trolls, and so does Emili. See this post for proof.  Well, specifically Emili loves Russ Trolls....but this love has lead to a interest in all kinds of trolls. Since Em was not along on this trip, we did not stop, but plan on making it a "troll adventure" this summer in Mt. Horeb.

Emili and her mom and her brother went to see a troll related movie last night. Okay I know,,, gnomes are not trolls....or elves or brownies or leprechauns * ..........but this is stream of consciousness , remember?
So we saw Gnomeo and Juliet, in reality, some of us saw the movie, someone was busy running around the lobby, while someone else was busy chasing the first someone... Em and I saw the movie, Gael and Lauren got some exercise. Gael is not ready for movies just yet, I guess. Even though Elton John songs are featured in this animated film...I advise waiting for rental..
Oh, Elton John, I love "Your Song"
I hear this song and I am young, wearing bell bottoms, and my heart on my sleeve.
Time to stop, I must go to work...Old, stretch pants, and my heart much more guarded.

* for the curious
Gnomes: A gnome is a legendary creature characterized by its very small size and subterranean lifestyle.

The word gnome is derived from the New Latin gnomus. It is often claimed to descend from the Greek gnosis, "knowledge", but more likely comes from genomos "earth-dweller".

Often featured in Germanic fairy tales, including those by the Brothers Grimm, the gnome often resembles a gnarled old man living deep underground who guards buried treasure.

Leprechauns: In Irish mythology, a leprechaun (Modern Irish: leipreachán) is a type of male faerie said to inhabit the island of Ireland. They are a class of "faerie folk" associated in Irish mythology and folklore, as with all faeries, with the Tuatha Dé Danann and other quasi-historical races said to have inhabited Ireland before the arrival of the Celts.

 Trolls: Are a fearsome member of a mythical anthropomorph race from Scandinavia. Their role ranges from fiendish giants – similar to the ogres of England – to a devious, more human-like folk of the wilderness, living underground in hills, caves or mounds.

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Anonymous said...

love, love, love Elton John!

PS: not quite as fond of gnomes- especially in landscaping...