Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you live under a rock?

I don't discuss politics at my business, but this is  my PERSONAL blog. Most of you who know me know that my ideas run to the left, liberal, Democrat....but I try to think before I speak, and not swallow the party line without some serious thought. Unless you have been in a coma, you have heard of the issues facing the Wisconsin Legislature.  And, the backlash of Scott Walkers proposed fix. And some folks response to that fix.

Let me say right up front, I have no easy answers, no quick resolution to suggest. That's my point in writing this blog post.  In my opinion, this is a complicated matter and it requires a complicated resolution...Not something rushed into law, but the situation does need addressing. 
This  past week I have heard LOTS of opinions and ideas at my business, in print, and in the media.   Most of them simply down party lines, swallowing the whole thing, hook , line,  sinker.  And boy, are people passionate and polarized!  For me, IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE.

 The polarization,  either far left or far right is dangerous, in my opinion.  Folks get caught up in the fight itself, and forget what they are fighting about.  People get angry and do rash things when they are backed into a corner. "My Way or the Highway" is rarely the answer. The need to be the winner is strong, and foolish.  We need to talk and make concessions.

That said, I am so grateful to live in a state and country where peaceful protest is allowed and encouraged.  We have the right to state our opinions, and respect the opinions of others. We have the right to disagree.

 Let's agree to disagree and then work together for the common good. 
Don't stop protesting, just remember what we are trying to accomplish.
A solution that is positive for all.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, any balance between left and right (if possible). The one thing that I needed with my last administration was the protection of my Union. I do hate to see that lost. I hope everything remains peaceful with no one getting physically harmed.


Anonymous said...

All eyes are on us. Taking the actions that I'm able to do from home. Lots of phone calls, e-mails, letter to editor, petitions. I'd like to be in Madison. Solidarity.

Janyce said...

Well said!!! :)