Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stick it in your ear!

Anyone remember the 1982 movie "The Wrath of Khan"?  This Star Trek movie had a memorable scene where the villain unleashed an "ear worm" to eat the heroe's brain. The worm is placed in the ear and the viewer watches as it burrows it's way in......UGH. It still gives me the shivers to recall that part of the film..
Yes, that is Ricardo Montalban...........Khaaaaaaan!

While at the doctors office today, I had a similar experience.  No worms involved.
The nice doctor injected some steroids directly into my ear drum!  A shot in the ear!  And I am going back tomorrow for another.
It sounds worse than it was, actually, it sounded kinda bubbly and gurgly, to be descriptive.
A few weeks ago, I woke up with diminished hearing in my "good ear".  Today the ENT doc called it Sudden Sensorinal Hearing Loss.  Steroids have restored hearing in some patients, thus the shots in the ear.  The chances are not overwhelmingly good, but it is worth a shot. (Baaad pun) If the shots don't work and the hearing loss is permanent, another hearing aid is in my future.

So if you think I am ignoring you when you speak, it's only because I didn't hear you....No worms involved...


Anonymous said...

Fascinating treatment plan. Hope it's successful for you,

Anonymous said...

I hope this well help. I am thinking of you...MB

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