Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Silly Stuff

Ideas come to me at the most inopportune times. Times when implementing or at least recording the ideas are impossible. Lately, I seem to have flashes of inspiration while swimming laps at the pool... when I get out of the water, whooooosh, the idea is gone.

Before the holidays, I would have great gift ideas come to me while backstroking, the perfect present for my Dad,,,, UHH,,,,,what was that again? It's January and I still have not remembered! (We got him a coffeemaker)

In the summer, my mind is filled with possibilities while I am riding the lawn mower. I get in that zone, and I suddenly become super creative. As soon as the engine is turned off, I forget most of it and what I do retain, now seems dull and/or silly.

Speaking of Silly Stuff......people of my age may remember playing with trolls when we were children... do you remember? You know, short, naked beings with hair that sticks straight up, flat feet......

I was very fond of my trolls. My very first sewing project was a troll robe.. Designed it myself, I did.

I even had a troll house. Recently my sister brought my old toy troll house to the little house where I live now. I am not sure how the toy house came into her possession, I think it was in our parents attic all these years. I have it now, and guess what? My granddaughter Emili is as troll crazy now as I was in the sixties!

She asked for trolls for Christmas. She got trolls. Lots of them.....They have evolved a bit since the last century. No longer naked, there are theme trolls now. Skiers, beach bums, ballerinas, babies, etc., and your standard naked troll. My favorite is her hillbilly troll. It just goes with my troll house so well. Here is a photo of me with some of Em's trolls at Clay's house on Christmas Day. I still love playing with them. Do you think it's genetic?


Janyce said...

I had so much fun playing with the Bop It, that I gave each of my Grand Kids for Christmas this year, I had to go buy one for myself. Reason being: Helps with memory loss. Does that work????

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are having fun with the troll house!! Mb

Anonymous said...

I had one troll "back in the day". It had beautiful neon blue hair. I used to dress it in little doll clothes & park it in my inkwell at school. our old Catholic school, we had the fine desks with inkwells! I have a couple of those desks in my basement. How goofy is that? Hey! Welcome to the big hat knitting challenge! In November, I challenged the Ewesful Knitters Guild members to knit more hats for St. Joe's NICU. Each November, our little knits go to them. Lots of members have signed on....some are doing 52 hats this year. Some are doing 12 hats. I'm glad they are onboard!

Anonymous said...

I had trolls when I was little. My mom said it was good luck if you rubbed their bellies. So when she was pregnant with me she had a troll with pink hair (pink, like the old crayon color- thistle...I miss the old crayon color names) and she rubbed the belly and wished for a girl.
Carlene, the girl.