Friday, February 18, 2011

A Sliver of Sunshine

The sun is shining today, and there is a taste of spring in the air. No, it's not warm, and the wind is wild, but there is something about the angle of the sun coming through the kitchen window....the worst of winter must be over.
For the first time since last fall, I feel the urge to take a trip north to our cabin. The woods are lovely in the spring. Oh, but spring and the cabin are truly about two months away.

For now,I can enjoy this winter/spring sunshine on my little terrarium that I received as a Christmas gift from Lynda
At Lynda's request
I brought some moss back from the north woods in October. She made this dear little terrarium with some of it. 
A stone, and moss and sunshine.
It's almost like being there.

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Lynda said...

Oh I am so glad you like it! It really is a simple little thing but maybe you can imagine a little gnome living there?