Friday, April 15, 2011

Single, and staying that way

After almost a two month absence from blog land....I am returning! 
Wait, slow up, we better not rush into this...a subject matter not too exciting, I don't want to explode upon reentry.
Upon reflection, there really is nothing too exciting happening in my life that would stir things up at all. And I like it that way..

 Today I tidied up my craft room. "Tidied up" is a euphemism for "clearing a path through all the junk".. My craft room is where all the stuff that doesn't have a specific home gets deposited. Or where I dump stuff when I want to "tidy up" the more public areas of our house. Kinda like a room sized version of the "junk drawer" in the kitchen.  The clean-up has been a long time was the day...
I found lots of things that fit into these categories:

Don't need this.

What is this ?

Why did I keep this?

I've been looking for this!

and my favorite

I forgot I had this!

Among the things that fit in that last category are 4 single hand knit socks.

None of these socks has a mate, and the prospects are not good..
I do NOT intend to make the second sock. Why? Because I don't want to.
Anyone have an idea what to do with these single socks?
I also found three other socks that were almost finished, those got ripped out and will be made into something someday...or not.

Among the singletons, this pair was lurking...I made these socks at least ten years ago...and just a few seasons ago, they developed a hole, and they were banished to the craft room. Today..I darned them and tonight they are keeping my feet warm against the cold and rain.

So my return to blog land is secure, socks are definitely not an exciting subject. Who knows what I will find next?


Anonymous said...

To my excitement in checking your blog today there was an "8", as opposed to the 7 that I have been seeing for weeks. Loved the title of entry. See you Thurs. Ann W.

Anonymous said...


Finally, I check for a new entry everyday!!!!!!!!

If the socks are wool, felt them and cut out designs for decorations!

See you Wed, if I get my homework done!

Barb W.