Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today is........

2 parents (still living) and 2 grandchildren and 2 siblings
3 children
5 years in my current business
7 significant pets (for the curious-Shorty, Goober, Bugle, Ferdie, Boomer, Thunder, Nick)
9 age when received my first sewing machine (thanks to my parents)

11 age at which I realized I would never dance like a ballerina

13 really good friends (at least)
17 years since I realized that I was (still am) in love
19 my age at first marriage
23 always a good day in January
29 people who love me
31 age at divorce
37 age at current marriage
41 stopped working as a nurse
43 age when I knew that there was life after raising children
47 first new knee
53 years old today

All prime numbers, and things that have made my life what it is today, absolutely prime!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELE! 53 is a great age!

Jane Schmidt

Lynda said...

Wonderful significance! It always amazes me when people can use numbers this way! How does one know they are prime numbers?

TM said...

A prime number is a number that is divisible only by one and itself.....

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. How incredibly prime! I like that exercise, and might just do it myself.
Happy Birthday, friend!

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget.....another of our favourite primes, the year of our birth! I LOVE that number!

Anonymous said...

Cool blog...I love it...MB