Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some thoughts on blogging

Blogging has nor been a priority for me lately, but it's a new year, and I believe it is time to get back to the writing. If only I could come up with an idea worth writing about. Real writers call it being "blocked." Blocked is certainly what I am. Out of ideas. So today I decided to start posting again in hopes that the muse will visit and bring the ideas and the words.

So until then, I will just post some random thoughts and photos, and see where I am led.

Here is a photo of my husband, busily getting ready to go somewhere, from the looks of it, he must have been going to church, those are his "church clothes." He is busy, while my butt is parked on the sofa, probably knitting....

Speaking of knitting, I have started a project..I have made a goal to knit 50 hats. Stash reduction is the idea...Trying to make something useful from all the little balls of hand spun that clutter my studio. Hat number 25 is on the needles right now.. I have been taking snapshots of the hats as I go along, ans intend to post about the project when I complete all 50.

January seems a good time to organize and declutter. This photo shows some of the junk that I found at the bottom of my knitting basket.. See the little bottle of ink? I have been looking for that item for some time now, it was a small gift when it turned up.

More stuff for art journaling, on my table. Art journaling, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is expressing thoughts, feelings and other stuff using paints, ink, paper, tape, and almost anything else in a journal... Maybe this is why I have not been blogging, some of my creative energy has been focused on this new pursuit. More info on art journals can be found here.

The days are short at this time of the year, althouth we have turned the corner.... I twisted soem twinkle lights around my headboard, I like the soft light they create.


In 1832 Germany's greatest literary light gave the world his last metaphor, this time unintended. As he sat in his Weimar house holding the hand of his daughter-in-law, Ottilie, Goethe spoke of the walks he would take in the warmer months ahead, made some reference to a girl of his youth, and breathed the name of his equally famous, long-dead friend, Friedrich von Schiller. But wanting another shutter opened to the morning sun, the author of Faust called to a servant for "More light!"
More Info on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe can be found here


Anonymous said...

I guess he must be the fellow that the worldwide German Goethe-Institutes are named after. There was a beautiful one in Kyoto along the river where they had concerts and literary events by German artists and writers.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back. It is so nice to turn the computer on at 5:00 a.m. and see a friend and read her wonderful inspiring words.


Lynda said...

Sooo good to hear your "voice" again! It really doesn't matter if you have nothing to say! Just prattling it pleasant too.
Love you,

Janyce said...

Good looking guy!!!! I too am glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

omg! Welcome back, my friend. It is So good to hear from you.