Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is it a metaphor or is it a simile?

Photos of the last day, in no particular order..... Walkway across the tunnel to Monona Terrace
That's me having breakfast, that I did not cook or clean up.

Last night at the rodeo

The view of Lake Monona from our room......
We also ate some great food, did a little shopping (books and art stuff) And we saw this show I am still laughing, live radio can be hilarious!

In the middle of this adventure, I am enjoying a few quiet moments. Dave is elsewhere, doing something. I know not where or what....Actually I have a general idea his activities, but I am not concerned.

I am sitting in a lovely hotel room, with my feet up and simply being in the moment. How very Zen of me! :)
I might not ever come home, but my favorite rodeo cowboy might be there when I do! How can I stay away?

Sometimes I think, life is like a rodeo,

the trick is to ride, and make it to the bell

--Rock and Roll Girls, John Fogerty

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Janyce said...

YOU WENT TO A RODEO!!!! I am soooo green with envy. I love bull riding!!!!! DTV took the Verses channel off, so now I can't watch the PBR :(