Thursday, October 4, 2007

Reality Check

Of course, we all want people to think the best of us. "to put our best foot forward" and "not airing your dirty laundry in public."
But I am revealing a lot of my life here on this blog,,,,,,,, and it might as well be realistic.
I take photos of projects, or people, and with the wonderful magic of a digital camera, I delete the shots that are not flattering. Or crop out the mess that is in the picture behind the finished sock.
So in the interest of full disclosure,,,, this is what my sofa and surrounding area often looks like. This is reality. Not staged.
Readers who know me personally will not be surprised by this shocking post. (Some of you have seen my basement)
To the others: This is reality.........get over it.


Lynda said...

While I have never seen your basement, I hope you never see mine either-it has cobwebs! My chair has a huge puddle of books and bags and stuff around it too.
Someone recently posted, on their blog, a picture of what is in their desk drawer. And it was all organized and stuff. The drawer next to my chair has soo much stuff in it that it would be embarrassing to photograph it!
And it wouldn't be so bad if that was the ONLY junk drawer in my house-there are at least three!

B said...

See, that's good thanks to the internet and honesty on blogs like yours, I don't feel like the totally messy person my mother in law thinks I am! :)

Anonymous said...

That's why I stopped using my camera on Skype...people could see how long I stayed in my Pj's..and also the state of my living room.!! Hope Ghen wasn't adding to that pile...

Lotzastitches said...

I could make myself right at home in your "spot". It looks very inviting to me!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! That's TIDY!!!!! Looks like a really nice nest! I have 2 couches & a loveseat that are piled so high w/ stuff that nobody can sit on them. I do have several chairs that are available, however. I have a serious problem w/ "stuffitis", which never was a problem until I started to live alone. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, stuff is love?????? Well, I do know better than that, but I didn't when I needed to collect it. I'm having a blast w/ the Jaywalker. So excited to start the SpideySox, too, and am ever so grateful to have been within the company of wise knitters who pointed out that the pattern was right in my grubby little paw! Darn goofy! I looked at Grumperina's blog & found links to a toe-up version and also some larger sizes. I'll take Huck's measurement, and who knows, he may have a pair before this Yule! Thanks so very, very much for all your guidance. Great to hang out w/ everyone in the shop.

gaohui said...

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