Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hard Frost

I don't know what is up with me . I have been anxiously awaiting our first hard frost, for some reason. I don't do much of the gardening, or even clipping grass in the fall, so it's not as if I want the work to end.

Our home is in a low area, we get frost when others don't. On average, we seem to get a killing frost in late September or early October. Last night was our first hard freeze.... October 28. With the cold comes that clear blue sky,,,,,,,,,, And still so many leaves on the trees.

As I get older, I crave the "routines" of life, the first hard frost, the hub-bub of hunting season(remember this IS Wisconsin), and then the holidays. Long nights of January provide lots of time to create. The rhythm of the seasons is soothing to me, like home. I know what to expect...

Summer is often full of surprises, mostly pleasant, but still.......... I like my routine. Getting old,, I guess.

Winter looms ahead,,,, I say, Bring it on!, my "glory days" are yet to come!


Anonymous said...

You DO sound like a true Wisconsinite!! Hope I can learn to appreciate winter too??

Lynda said...

My nasturtiums are still going! Hard to believe, isn't it? I expect them to be frosted out any night now!