Friday, October 26, 2007

Credit or Debit, or what

Paperwork makes me crabby. I, delay, deny, postpone, intentionally misplace, anything resembling paperwork.

I will never be a true business owner because I hate the "business" end of it all. I love the creative parts of my job, dressing the window is fun,

but the details of invoices, and record keeping leaves me cold.

I spent today in the "backroom" of the shop, entering data into the computer and figuring quarterly sales taxes. Really, I whine about it, but the computer does make it fairly simple. Despite that, after three years of being in business, I still rely on my "cheat sheet" to identify a credit or debit..

........It all makes me feel like a Witchy Woman!

On the lighter side of things,

today, October 26

is the birthday of

Ghen (my nephew)

Gwen (my sister)

and Marlene (Dave's sister)

and a customer and friend, Sarah, gave birth to her second child, Delia, this very morning!
Congrats to all!

It is a milestone birthday for Delia , as well as Ghen.

Ghen is 18 !
Eighteen looks good on him!

Here is the birthday boy dressed as a vampire.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic....

Anonymous said...

who is not going to where the witches hat....everyone has had it on megan

Anonymous said...

boy am I a great speller.... where vs. wear... nice..... I guess I get it from least I caught it.