Sunday, October 21, 2007

Staying focused

I have been reminded that I haven't made a new post in a week. So here it is.

The week that passed has been a roller coaster ride, and a lot of it seems to be going in the down direction.... but also like a roller coaster, the ups have been exciting. And the ride zooms,whooshhhhhhh and it's over!

I won't bore you readers with all the details, because I don't think I want to revisit them all, and, frankly most of the details are just plain boring.

Trying to be positive, I have been sewing and knitting and working, ......and Ta DA! My hand does not hurt!!! I am ready to declare the surgery a success. Thanks, Dr. Zachary!

Now that I have full use of my hand again, it seems my brain has been swamped with creative ideas. Making up for lost time? All these ideas swirling around my cranium,,,,,,, leaves not much room for day-to-day details. Like laundry, cooking, running the shop, etc. Dave says I need to "stay focused". I think I need to delete some files and immediately empty the recycle bin. Or have more memory installed.

To this end, Betty and I have agreed on a challenge. Yesterday (Saturday), we set some goals for each of us to have accomplished by Tuesday afternoon. Of course, our projects are not the same, so we used the honor system to determine how much we each need to finish by the deadline. The winner gets a prize,, as yet unnamed. Perhaps the prize will be bragging rights, I don't know. But if I am to "stay focused", I should end this post here.

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