Sunday, September 2, 2007

Saturday in pictures

I went to work.

I knit on September's Sock of the Month.

I went home.

We dug potatoes from the muddy garden.

Onions, too.

I did some spinning.

Sock yarn, I think.


Anonymous said...

not real big into typing i c. if you want i can come over tonight and type about today or i can stop by tomorrow and type something up. Not sure if i will need u 2 watch emili 2morrow. Haven't heard anything yet.


Lynda said...

OOH the colors! Looks as if you had a very productive day! I hope to have one of those myself today!

And there is nothing like fresh potatoes. I like to package them in aluminum foil with onions, garlic powder, tons of butter and grill them!

Lynda said...

I just noticed that the boot sock it being knit on a circular needle!
How did that happen?!?
It WAS on double points, wasn't it?

TM said...

Your dpn's are safe,, Just too big for me to get gauge with. I knit a bout four inches with your needles before I swa how looose my stitches were. I switched to a size 3 , 12 inch circ, because that was all I had available at the time. yours are size 5

Lynda said...

woo, I thought I was on Dps. Well whatever works for you and doesn't bother your hand!
Talk to you...

chunxue said...

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