Monday, September 17, 2007

Random thoughts

Today was a fairly good day, in the grand scheme of things.... But tonight, I am tired and my back hurts, and I am feeling whiny and crabby. It seems lately there has been a lot of nasty stuff happening around me, and my perceived control over my little world is slipping away. (I know, none of us has any control over things, we just like to think we do.) I should just go to bed and sleep.

Instead, I am trying to re-focus on the positive, and what makes me happy. A major thing that makes me happy is spending time with my granddaughter Emili. Today being Monday, I picked Emili up from school, and she spent several hours at my house while her mother was working. Small things about Emili make me smile. I love the fact that she knows where all the stuff in my house is. She spends a lot of time here, and is very comfortable, as if it were her home. She knows where I keep the dish towels and the masking tape. She knows that the cats get their hairball medicine on Mondays that Grandpa waters the plants on Mondays. Her intimate knowledge of how our household is run gives me great pleasure. Makes me smile even when I am crabby.

I always felt safe and secure at my Nana's house and it's seems that Emili feels the same way here. That is definitely a good thing. I think I will sleep on that.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened....or just little things? Hope your tuesday is better...MB

Anonymous said...


Lynda said...

You know that worry won't change anything but how hard it is to let go of our troubles. Use your Rescue Remedy! I am still waiting 6 days later for my test results and it is starting to drive my DH crazy-really more so than me even!
Wish I could ease his thoughts but how can one do that for someone else??

Anonymous said...

The only rules you'll need in life:
1. Show up
2. Pay attention
3. Tell the truth
4. Don't be attached to the outcome

and..........on a 3 year old level:
1. We must never touch a bee.
2. We must never run away.
3. We must never stretch a worm.


Lauren said...

I love the farm too! That is why I stay at my Grandma's house still and I am a grown woman. You are never too old to enjoy the basic household day to day things. Like eating a half a log of summer sausage at the farm in the middle of the night! Emili loves your house!

Lynda said...

Wow those rules for life pretty much cover everything don't they?
We must never run away is one of those hard ones for me!

Anonymous said...