Friday, September 28, 2007


My friend Betty does a lot of stuff for lots of people. She mends, she irons, tends bar, sings at weddings, and of course, she knits. One of her specialities is catering for parties. When I marvel at all the things she gets accomplished in a short amount of time she responds in one of two ways.

One response is "Oh, a CHILD could do that!"

The other is "My elves helped me."

Betty call her friends Caryl and Jen her "elves" because the do some of the work involved with the food, but Betty is still in charge, like Santa.

Last night, Loose Ends Yarn Shop had a visit from some "elves"! I planned to stay after the Knit night crowd dispersed, and change the window from my "white" theme,,,, to something more autumnal. Changing the window is a lot of work, it takes hours ,and often Dave helps me, but last night I was prepared to do it by myself...... Little did I know that the elves would show up!

Betty, Fluoride and Caryl got wind that I was staying late, and jumped in with both feet! Fluoride is very handy on a ladder, and with a vacuum! Soon another elf named Mary stopped by and lickety-split, the window was done!

It's hard to tell from the photo, but there are three ladders in the window, a short one, a medium and a tall one.

Monday , October 1st, marks our third anniversary at the shop! The graduating height of the ladders are supposed to represent our growth.

Thanks to all my customers and the ELVES!


Lynda said...

Boy I think everyone needs elves or tomten to come in and do those jobs we didn't finish for us in the night. Maybe if I start leaving saucers of milk and treats on my doorstep they will come and pitch in? They always have a warm bed in the pigeon coop if they are looking for a place to stay...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that it has been 3 years that your shop has been open. It doesn't seem like that long. The window looks great! your elves did a wonderful job!