Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Goodman Chronicles

On Monday, Dave and I finished a project that I had started in OCTOBER 2006!

No, not a knitting project,
we completed



What a mighty feat!

Dave and I went to school back in the old days, before computers, cell phones, DVDs, Cd's, even microwaves. I think Dave might have even been in school before 8 tracks! I have provided a link for those of you too young to remember 8-tracks. Look it up.

Back in those days, KEYBOARDING class did not exist, it was called "TYPING". Girls took typing, boys rarely did, and if they did their sexual orientation was immediately in question,,,,,,,., come to think of it, I don't think it was called "sexual orientation" back then either....Dave did not take typing. I was too busy in the FFA to bother with typing. Hmmmm,, Maybe my sexual orientation was being questioned,too.?? Smarter than most, I was in the FFA because thats where the boys were!

Because of our inability to predict the importance of typing, Um -keyboarding--- in the New Millennium....... Dave and I just "hunt and peck" on the keyboard. It takes FOREVER!

Back to the Chronicles,,
for many years, we have kept a journal, diary,,,, a record of sorts of our time at our cabin in Goodman, Wisconsin.
We scribbled our notes on the annual calendars that always hang in the kitchen of the cabin.... things like ...the weather.. activities, and times of arrival... If we had guests, we encourage them to write a few words on the calendars.
These records were shoved in a drawer, and no one ever looked at them.......
Last fall I decided to get rid of the stacks of a calendars and enter all the info into the computer, print it, bind it, and call the results THE GOODMAN CHRONICLES., I plan to put it on the coffee table at the cabin for all to enjoy! Yes, we have a coffee table inside, but the toilet is outside. go figure.

Well, the stack of calendars rested on the table next to my desktop for almost a year. Getting very dusty...........
Monday, Dave and I took the laptop onto the deck, along with the dusty calendars. With a little help from Mr J. Bavet and Mr J. Daniels, we got the data entered! We took turns. One of us would decipher the sometimes cryptic details scrawled in the tiny boxes on the calendars while the other one typed.
It was great fun, reliving all the years at the cabin.... We recalled the many guests we had,,, and some really exciting events.... Like the time Clay accidentally set the outhouse on fire.... that was a goodie! One entry (in my sister's handwriting) said "disco dancing by firelight", I really don't remember that! "Great choir at church in Goodman' is written several times in my mother's script. We took note that Megan has brought at least 3 different "beaus" to the cabin, but not the current fellow,,, we also saw that Dave's friend Ronnie, who passed away last spring, had his last visit to Goodman in October of 2006.

The GOODMAN CHRONICLES has not printed yet.... but consider yourself invited to come north, sit by the coffee table and have a look at is a great read!


Anonymous said...

If you've got room for the pop up camper, I'd like to venture farther then the County Park next year.
Or maybe a Girls weekend?

Lynda said...

Ooh, girls weekend! as long as we go after the ticks are done! Oh it sound so neat to look back over the years and fun times. How smart you are to have kept any kind of record! How long have you been going up there?

TM said...

My first visit to the cabin was in fall of 1988. Dave has been going to the area since 1966. He bought the cabin 1984

Lynda said...

Nearly twenty years for you and Dave for over forty! WOW! What tradition and you must know the way by heart...

Anonymous said...

Who the hell r Mr J. Bavet and Mr J. Daniels? How about the ever skilled typing of Lauren L... Whats up with these guys getting all the credit??? hahaha I did however, find the comment about Megan's "beaus" very funny! Lauren