Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds and blooms

Blooms first.
I knit this shawl this week.The pattern is Revontuli, Northern Lights.  Not very reminiscent of the aurora in this colorway, but done in purples and pinks and blues...maybe then. 
The yellow brings dandelions to mind.

We have a huge field of them behind our house...I think they are lovely. Spring has been elusive this year, so we have to enjoy each little bit of spring as it appears. Including dandelions.

And the birds.
These are more stuffed birds on my porch.

My bird making compulsion has ended,the aviary is complete, at least for now.

Tonight I am enjoying spinning on the deck, and the dandelions.

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Anonymous said...

Your shawl is really pretty! I like the colorway, and you can call it whatever you like! Rock on.