Monday, May 26, 2008

A short getaway

We took advantage of the holiday weekend for a short get away to the north woods. Ticks and mosquitoes were fierce and dry weather prevented having a campfire, but we managed to have the maxium fun in minimal time. We left home late Saturday afternoon,
Stopped along the way to pick up Emili and Megan. Blue Moon ice cream fortified us for the trip.
On Sunday we went to Strong Falls, located in Goodman Park. Here's some info about the park , built by the C.C.C. in the 1930's

Enjoy the view of Strong Falls from a picturesque river bridge. The Civilian Conservation Corps originally developed Goodman Park in the 1930s. Their handiwork added a rustic touch to an already scenic location. Strong Falls loudly crashes among big boulders as the Peshtigo River makes its way downstream to Green Bay. It is along this scenic swath of the Peshtigo that the CCC built beautiful log structures by the river that complement the richly wooded river valley. And the camping here is first rate, especially if you like the sound of rushing water as your evening lullaby. This county park is one of the best in the state. Covering 240 acres, the locale is culled from the greater Marinette County Forest, which covers over 220,000 acres.

Today , we visited Lake Hilbert. The water level is low. The girls walked across on a sand bar.

Ready to go home.


Anonymous said...

glad to see you had such a nice time...Mb

Lynda said...

Oh My Gosh, I HATE ticks! You know they are spiders with evil intent, don't you?
I have been missing you-I need to see you and talk with you-nothing special, just missing you...