Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thou shalt not covet thy neighbors flannel

Birds. I feel the need to make birds. Do not question why. I know not why.  I am just following creative instincts. There is no plan. Resistance is futile. I am obsessed with making birds. No, that is not accurate..I am obsessed with the  idea of making birds....the actual construction is yet to be seen...I have made a few...but I am constantly thinking about it....perhaps I need an intervention.

a peep

a peep, a wren and a concrete goldfinch

Yesterday Betty was doing some ironing at the shop...she irons for people...earns a little cash and she loves to iron..( maybe Betty needs an intervention)  She was working on getting the wrinkles out of this lovely, heavy cotton flannel men's shirt.....I was eying the shirt with birds in mind...Oh,,,,a 2X, lots of usable fabric, nice dark was all I could do to resist....Luckily, Betty told me NO in a firm voice and I backed away from the ironing board.

back of the owl

owl sitting on a coffee cup

Resisting the urge to cut up the shirt, I went home a dug up some bits of flannel from my stash and made this owl.  Not my best work, but it's a start...He is sitting on a coffee cup because his little wobbly legs won't support the weight of his body...hmmm............. sounds familiar.......

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Lynda said...

Oh you are an inspiration! You make me want to stitch!
Thanks and keep on looking for birds!