Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other people's blogs

Reading blogs sucks up time...I can easily while away twenty minutes every morning looking at blogs.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks is a site I frequent, mostly for the luscious photos of food, in all stages of preparation. Check it out, I'll wait.

Today, The Pioneer Woman asks the question---------
What kitchen item can you not do without? (Or, for you grammar snobs: “Without what kitchen item can you not…do?” That doesn’t sound right, does it?)

At the time of this writing, there were over 14,000 responses!! We all have our favorite kitchen/cooking items, I guess. A broad, flat, wooden rice paddle is one of my favorites. I have a certain knife I prefer for peeling, and a specific roaster I like.

All of these items play second fiddle to THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM IN OUR KITCHEN, drum roll please,,,,,,,, Hilda's stainless steel mixing bowl!
You are thinking, who is Hilda and what is so special about that bowl? Hilda is my late mother-in law...she has been gone almost ten years and I miss her still. A wonderful woman, she was my mother in law for five short years. She had lots of good qualities, one in particular stands out right now.....
SHE BAKED.... every day, using this very bowl. There was always dessert aplenty when she was around.
The handle is perfect for vigorous stirring. And carrying fresh picked berries. And mixing meatloaf. Cake, cookies, bars, tortes, any dessert made using this bowl tastes fabulous. Of course, Dave does the baking, not me.
I believe Hilda's talent and baking spirit is in this bowl. Our kitchen would not be the same without it.Here is what Dave and the bowl produced today.... peanut butter bars anyone?


Lynda said...

My wonderful chef, Joe made a cherry tort! It is so nice to have a treat in the house but imagine baking every day~ No wonder Dave loves sweets! Me too...
I love to read other peoples' blogs too. Thank you for writing!

Janyce said...

My favorite kitchen item is also the batter bowl, only mine is glass (acually I have three because I use them so much). Very handy to hold onto while mixing or pouring. Can bake and micro in it. Also can store in it because it has a plastic lid. Yup! It is a keeper!!!