Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2

Twentysome years ago, when I moved to this house, they were 6 apple trees and a pear tree om our acre+ lot. The apple trees have slowly been culled, until we have just one left. This tree refuses to die. And it bears LOTS of fruit every year. Most years we just let it be. Occasionally, Dave prunes it, or sprays it, but not very often......certainly not more than once every few years.
Because of our neglect the fruit is sometimes misshapen, or wormy, but mostly the apples are just fine. The Delicious variety, not my favorite. I prefer a more tart apple.
Being November 2, Dave decided to pick up the windfalls to feed to the wildlife at the cabin, and bring in some for us humans to eat, too.
We have been eating them for more than a month, but it's time to get them off the tree, I guess.A nice day for apples. And Knitting. Being November 2nd, we turned the clocks back last night, the extra hour of sleep must be working,,,I am feeling a little better today.
Here is a Christmas stocking I just finished in non-traditional colors, I kinda like it.

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Lynda said...

Those apples are beautiful! Makes me want to make a pie...