Monday, November 17, 2008

I was starting to wonder

Yesterday being Sunday, I looked ahead to the upcoming week and I realized that it's THE WEEK! The week every year when time stops. It is Deer Hunting Week! And the list or the box has not yet appeared! (More about that later)

Never mind how you or I feel about hunting deer...... This is about the deer hunting EXPERIENCE. The stories, the food, the traditions, the camaraderie. Preparations, anticipation. So much to do in so little time.
That's why I was beginning to wonder if Dave was even going to hunt this year. Most years, at least a week before he leaves, he starts making lists for the big hunt, and putting items in the box. The cardboard box that sits in the same corner of my kitchen every year and collects some of the various items needed for a successful and traditional hunt. Yesterday, there was no sign of the box! And no list! I was a little worried. Dave goes hunting without fail...something terrible has to happen for him to consider staying home.....
Much to my relief the box appeared this morning and is already starting to fill up...... Same box, reinforced with duct tape, same thermos, same Ritz crackers. Well, I think the Ritz may be fresh.
He IS going.....all is well.

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