Monday, June 16, 2008


Loose Ends is open again.

Today, I made a new flag for the new location. (These photos are in my backyard, not Main Street)
I can't describe how busy I have been, with the shop opening, and my Mom's illness, graduations, flooding issues.. I am so grateful to have today to stay home and try to sort out some of the chaos that my house has become. As you can see from this last photo, laundry needed to be done.
A stranger coming into my kitchen, not knowing anything about us, would be puzzled by the JUNK on my kitchen counter! A few weeks of just plunking stuff down, and not putting anything away has resulted a jumble of debris.
Here's a list, in case you want to make a "Where's Waldo" kind of game of it
Two opened boxes of Turkish Delight
One unopened flask of Jack Daniels
One unopened bottle of Korbel brandy
An empty eyeglass case
A pouch of kitty treats (the cats refuse to eat them)
Partially consumed homemade angel food cake
One twist tie
Various writing instruments (all without ink)
Pads of note paper
A sheet of sticky dots
A "made in Japan" sugar and creamer set
Post- it notes in the creamer
A lone sprig of dried lavender.
A knife (to cut the cake)
A cell phone with a dead battery

All of this in an space approximately 18" by 18"!

Now imagine my entire house in similar disarray. There are isolated areas of tidiness, but I really think someone should alert Oprah, she may want to do an episode of her show on me..
I have been knitting, but all I am capable of making is washcloths. My mind is elsewhere.

They are pretty. And strangely soothing to knit.

Nick occupies a rare empty surface.....bored with it all.