Friday, June 20, 2008

Glass flowers

Today, Dave and I went to my favorite thrift this town. Two photos, I took the picture of the windmill today....the other photo is of the famous "walls", circa 1893. Those walls look remarkably similar to this day.
At this wonderful shop, I spotted this great vintage lamp was marked $6, a steal! Then, at the checkout , it was discounted by 75%, for a grand total of $1.50!!
The leaves and flower petals are glass.

I have never seen another like it, have you?


Lynda said...

I am sorry not to have seen you passing through my wonderful town. Can you believe the number of homes with furniture and carpeting sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up?
So sad...
Did you see any people sitting on lawn chairs in their garages? Oh it is fun to live in a small town-so many interesting details of local life.
The lamp it lovely-can you look it up on line? It seems to me that is should be valuable ala Antiques Roadshow.

Anonymous said...

I will be working in those "walls". they look comforting..j/k

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know the water levels have gone down a great deal. Caffinated Knitter was visiting and got sent through all kinds of detours! Thats what happens when you visit mom.