Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nice day, bad photos

My daughter, Megan has earned a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from the University of Phoenix. The commencement ceremonies were held yesterday. The word proud does not even begin to reflect how I feel about her accomplishment.

I intended to capture some wonderful photos and share our day with you readers.......... Best intentions, poor picturesThe stage, a very dark photo.
We were entertained by The Shamrock Club , both during and after the commencement ceremony. Click on the link, they are very good. The music is powerful and moving.
They also entertained at the Audubon Days parade in Mayville last year, where I took this photo.I thought I had a nice shot of both my daughters with me, but alas, two of us had our eyes closed!Yes, Megan is a little taller than me, but she was wearing incredible high heels!Here is the graduate, eyes closed, along with her special aunt, eyes open!
More eyes closed, at the restaurant.
Emili with a goofy face
More silliness
Drink up, Megan, you deserve it!

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Lotzastitches said...

Congrats to Megan! Way to go!