Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow day and night

Monday is my day off, but more often than not it turns into a day of tying up loose ends. I had planned to putz around and do whatever I felt like (and I did do some of that), but things never turn out quite the way you think.

Dave and I went to one of my favorite thrift shops, to find out that it didn't open until 12 and we were there at 9:30 AM, so back home we went. A stop at the grocery store and various other errands. Including Dave baking. Then it was noon, time to go to the thrift shop. I scored big on buttons today. Meanwhile, it had started snowing and snowing and snowing. I always pick Emili up on Mondays from school .. Today's drive was a bit more challenging with all the snow on the road. I brought Emili back to our house and we worked on our "secret paper mache projects". See last weeks post.

The snow continues, and I crocheted a cupcake for Emili and also made a few for myself. Of course Emili's cupcake has lots of BLING. The bling came from the thrift shop also.

The snow continues. Emili's mom arrives and decides that they must camp out at our house tonight. Too much snow to venture back home and so the pajama party begins. Somewhere along the evening Emili decided that she needed another cupcake. I told her that I would make her another one only if she wrote a story about cupcakes for me. Here is a photo of Emili with her 2 confections and the story!

Who know what else will happen this evening, but I am sure that it will be fun no matter how much snow we get! Snowed in and loving it!

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Anonymous said...

After all these posts of your creations, I decided I'll have to sign up for some of your classes when I get back....
Sign me up!!
Those cupcakes look good enough to eat...