Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life is messy

No matter your perspective, life can be messy.

Messy can be fun, just look at what fun Em and I had with paper mache yesterday!As I mixed up the paste in an old loaf pan, Em said " Are we going to put our actual fingers in that stuff?"

The projects are drying today,,, and are intended to be surprises.... so no photos yet.

Today started early with a busload of shoppers at Loose Ends. The women were from Nancy's Notions . Swamped early.... after that it was a quiet morning. Betty was trying to finish a shawl, and complaining that it was taking forever..... She has made a zillion of these shawls... here is Doris modeling one of Betty's creations.

Meanwhile, I finished a wrap that I started before Christmas.This wrap looks OKAY, but not at all what I was trying to do.... back to the drawing board... I will start again...

Betty was still not finished with her project....... then we took a good look at it.

Do you see how the right side looks HUGE compared to the left? See that nice row of eyelets near the middle of the shawl?? We discovered that instead of "yarn over, knit two together" , she had done "yarn over, knit two"......thus increasing the number of stitches by a third!!!! We laughed and laughed.... What else is there to do but rip it out? So she ripped.I was still laughing at Betty's error, until I discovered a wayward cable in my own knitting. The it was my turn to rip!

Life is messy....

I almost forgot...... Dave bought me a lovely jar chockful of vintage buttons today.. Is he a great husband or what?

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