Friday, January 18, 2008


I have been reading again. Reading for entertainment had been banned for a few weeks before the Holidays, because I cannot knit and read at the same time. Well, maybe I could knit something mindless, but it was not mindless knitting that needed to be finished before Christmas. My wonderful friends at the shop gave me a generous gift certificate to my favorite book store, which I spent promptly and without hesitation.

A wildly entertaining book....I have read several by the same author....enjoyed them all... so funny and clever.

Now I am reading a book that is very different from the first,,,, it is March: A Novel, by Geraldine Brooks. It is a fictional ( of course) account of the father, Peter March, of "Little Women"

If you remember, in "Little Women" the father is away at the Civil War..... this book is riveting and provides details about his travels. Sometime last spring I read the authors "Year of Wonder" which is a story about the plague... I am anxious the read her other books....

My parents deserve my eternal gratitude for many things, but high on the list is their teaching me to entertain myself with reading...... as a child we were allowed to stay awake as late as we wanted, if we were reading... I intend to do just that tonight!

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