Friday, May 28, 2010

Family words

Did you plant a garden this year? We did.  Yesterday I spoke to my parents about their garden plans and I got this answer----
"We are going to make garden today. " Make garden....My folks use these words to describe the act of planting and marking the rows.  Present tense, I guess ....Making garden happens only once a year, and after the fact, they say....."we planted a garden this year." Language used in my family only?  

My Nana had her own vocabulary, some examples include
Davenport  ----sofa or couch
Petticoat----- slip
Nightdress------pajamas or nightgown
Soda Water-----7 Up
Pocketbook---------her purse
Her Man-----that person's husband

My favorite of my Nana's phrases was the word "Possible"  for part of a woman's anatomy......when asked why she used that phrase,,, she said simply "It's important to wash up as far as possible and down as far as possible.
My Nana, she was great.

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Anonymous said...

Great words from your Nana. I am going to try and use and many of them as I can this week.