Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eyes of a child

The first thing that my 16 month old grandson does when he visits my house is search for the "kitties".. He is a busy, busy, boy. Small for his age, he can get into tiny spaces where the cats like to hide.

After the cats have been harassed a bit, he looks for Grandpa. He really loves his Grandpa.

Invariably, the next thing he wants is "ousside". We have a big yard and he is an explorer. "Ousside" is a favorite word.

Last evening, just as it was starting to rain, before the storms, he was determined to be "ousside", asking over and over. I explained that it was raining, we needed to stay inside. Well, he is sixteen months old, the word rain means little to him. Finally I decided to take him onto the deck "ousside" and show him the rain, thinking that he would want to stay inside then.

He stood there, very still, letting the drops fall on his head. Then he turned his face to the sky, and let the rain fall on his face. He crinkled up his eyes when a drop of rain fell into them. A HUGE grin appeared..the the giggling began. He said "agua" and laughed and laughed. So did I.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine him doing that..MB

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those precious events! Thanx for sharing. Miss you. Hugs,

chunxue said...

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