Sunday, February 24, 2008


All knitters know about "startitis"......The urge to start multiple projects at one time.. I succumbed to it this week. I started lots of new projects. And finished one. The finished object is a "bling"bling" hat for Emili.The yarn is called "Bling Bling" it's painted with aluminum for shine. Emili is all about the bling! She will love it.

I started a vest done with Eco wool and Kuryeon....

And a cardigan in reverse broken rib, knit in a lovely superwash merino.

And a wrap with buttons and embroidery, the knitting must be done first.And today I started a felted collar done with my needle felting machine, first a newspaper pattern.then roving over stabilizerthen yarn and mohair locks

then wash away the stabilizer

Now , we are off to a birthday party, so who knows when any of this will be finished..... stay tuned.