Friday, February 22, 2008

Hwy 8 & other diversions

It has been noted that I haven't done any writing for a while... that is not exactly true.... I have done a little writing.. I did some work on my book ......... and I did some blogging....I just never got around to posting anything.
So here is the start of a blog post that I did last Sunday......

I have been absent from blogland for sometime. It seemed that the days that were worth writing about were also to busy to write.... and the days when I have time to write, nothing seems interesting...The weather here in Wisconsin is always a subject, but that, too has been the same day after day after day.... snow and cold. I don't remember such a nasty winter in my adult life.

I might be using all this time cooped up indoors to be creative, and do lots of knitting. Am I? No!

I have been preparing for taxes and other dull, but must be done type chores..

I did purchase a new toy... but did not allow myself to take it out the box until the tax prep was finished.

Here is my new felting machine!

Looks like a sewing machine, you say? Look closer, no thread, four barbed needles. No bobbin.

The barbed needles mesh the fabrics together, not for strength, but for embellishment.

I took a test drive with the machine today. We went north on Hwy 8.

State Hwy 8 runs east/west across the northern part of Wisconsin. My sense of direction is good most of the time ,but when on Hwy 8 I feel like I am traveling NORTH.....

That Is it........ that's all I wrote!

What does Hwy 8 have to do with the felting machine and the bag I made??? Any guesses??? There is a correlation.... even if it involves a lot of imagination......


Anonymous said...

I love the northern lights on your is beautiful.
Maybe you test drove Dave's SUV on Hwy 8 for the first time? Just a thought...


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