Sunday, November 25, 2007

The last week

What have I been doing since my last post? Lots, much more than listed, but here's a start.
A to Z

Ate my moms cranberries, yum!

Baked pies, pumpkin and cherry

Cooked Thanksgiving turkey

Decorated Loose Ends window for Christmas

Evacuated a closet,,, and then promptly filled it up again, just different stuff.

Fell down, hurt my knee

Grocery shopping, yes, I really did enter the land of food shopping. Scary, but I survived.

Hunt, hunt,hunt. I welcomed the hunters home, along with a nice 8 point buck.

Irritated Ghen to no end.

Justified blowing my budget at the bookstore, by telling myself that all those knitting magazines I bought are " market research"

Knit a gnome, an Alan Dart pattern, great fun!

Lost, and then found my favorite crochet hook many times. I blame Nick.

Missed Dave while he was gone hunting.

New Dwight Yoakum CD, I bought it, I did, Dwight Sings Buck...... a great tribute to the Bakersfield sound.

Olivia, I visited with both my friends named Olivia at the same time, one Olivia is close to my age, the other is just a few months old. One of them wanted a bottle very much,,,,

Purchased holiday Cards,,,, see this post,,,, okay, I caved under pressure, but I found some nice cards that will do....

Quit reading,,, time only for audio books until Christmas,,,,I must keep my hands free to knit.

Relaxed with my family on Thanksgiving Day,,, after the meal, that is.

Scrumbled a Christmas stocking

Taught scrumbling Class at the shop

Updated my website New classes !

Visited my parents, and took photographs for their holiday cards.

Water, water everywhere,,,,,,While Dave was gone the toilet overflowed....twice!

Xrayed Ghen's foot......well, in reality, I took him to a Doctor who did the actual xray, the foot is fine.

Yarn,,,, no explanation needed

Z....ZZZZZZZZZ, snooozed


Lynda said...

Oh girl, how did you hurt your knee? My DH fell going upstairs to bring me a glass or orange juice! Banged right down on his knee! That hurts...

Oh and I love the stocking...I was that there at the beginning and it sure turned out fine!

Oh and the Gnome! I covet the gnome!

Love to you and yours.

gaohui said...

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