Thursday, November 29, 2007


My daughter, Lauren translates for a living,,, Spanish to English and the reverse. I do not speak Spanish, but a few words have sort of crept into my vocabulary because I have heard her say them often,,, and they just stick in my head. Like a song you can not forget,,,,,,

Infermo is just such a word. I may have it spelled wrong. And I think being a girl, it should be inferma when applied to me.
Anyway, I like that word, it sound so much more descriptive than "sick". Infermo sounds like inferno.......just hotter than hell with fever, and miserable.

I am inferma,,, but just a tad, not burning up,,,, maybe I should just say sick and be done with it.
Thanks for your concern,,, I will live.


Anonymous said...

infierno is hell! Enfermo is sick1 very close. i like ur post

Lotzastitches said...

Being sick in any language is no fun. Sorry you're enfermo. At least your not "crapula"...although that would pass sooner.

My duty as "forehead kisser" (my preferred method of fever discovery) was a few weeks ago as the kids all took their turns with fevers. Do you need me to come over and pucker up? :giggle:

Anonymous said...

Laughter is the best medicine - hope you had the same chuckle I did with Lotzastitches comment.

Hope you are feeling better soon! Betty said the drugs should be kicking in....


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