Saturday, November 23, 2013

In search of antlers

Third week in November, most folks think  "Thanksgiving time", not in our house. It is deer season!
I have written about this season before, here, and here.  The first link describes what it means to Dave.
I have always enjoyed the little break from routine that deer season provides, usually about 4 days of being alone in my house, a bit of time to myself. This year is a little different, not being in the shop.. Other years I still went to work, often having a sale this weekend...lots of people around.
This year is different, I made some plans with the grandkids, but mostly I am alone. So here are my lists...things not to do and a small to do list...but I don't intend to do anything that doesn't suit my mood,,,,,so there!

To do:
Sleep late
a bit of Christmas decorating
online Christmas shopping
fritter away time

Not to do:
having the tv on
wearing my hearing aid
getting dressed (!)

What do you think of my list? What would you add?

Lately I have seen a lot of faux antlers in decorating magazines and on pinterest.  Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon, only using real antlers...Having antlers on the wall is not new to our cabin,but is new to my house. I draw the line at full head mounts....they must stay at the cabin..

These are sheds from my Dad's deer farm...the bucks drop their horns in late winter, I think.

Antlers from a deer Dave hit with his truck years and years ago, recently added to our living room décor.
Maybe I will have some more antlers after this season, or not.


Anonymous said...

I believe my list (if I could have one) would be almost identical! Enjoy your me time. MJ

Judy Reinke said...

Michele...Can't think of one thing I'd add to your list unless it would be another road trip. 😄

Box Linda said...

I like your acorn garland!