Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a new day

Life is good, each day we get a chance to make new choices, decisions, and clean up yesterdays messes!

Today, I am starting again. Yesterday was not wonderful for me. Downright discouraging. Stuff went bad, nuff said.

Today I am starting the day with this Easter egg for my breakfast. When we were kids, we dyed eggs every year and every year, using tape or a crayon, I made an egg that was supposed to resemble a watermelon. It became a tradition. This year my sister made the traditional watermelon and put my name on it. A simple gift. The best kind.

I ate the watermelon egg for breakfast, today WILL be a better day, it has already started.


Lynda said...

Sending the good vibes for you today! This will be a really fine day for you my dear friend!

chunxue said...

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